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PDF-XChange Editor Plus is a program for viewing, editing and editing PDF documents. You now have a lighter, faster, and feature-rich analogue of Adobe Reader. The program has all the features to view PDF documents. With the help of PDF-XChange Editor you can view and print PDF documents, export text and graphics from them, create tooltips, add comments, make notes and much more.

• Work with multiple files simultaneously using the tabs system.
• Support for integration into text translation software.
• Export any page to a graphic file.
• Printing documents.
• Send PDF documents by email directly from the program.
• Export text.
• Ability to create stamps (from a template or from custom images).
• Multilingual interface, including Russian and Ukrainian.
• The presence of plug-ins under Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
• Text recognition
• Optimizing PDF documents.

Advanced features:
• NEW PDF-XChange Editor Plus; only) Create PDF Edit-Fillable PDF Forms
• (NEW PDF-XChange Editor Plus)
• Dynamic Stamps (NEW)
• Reduce PDF file size by PDF;
• PDF Optimization • Advanced PDF
(Paths & Images)
• Combine PDFs open / closed pdfs
• Import Directly from XPS and other support formats
• Header & Footer Support
• Bates Numbering
• Delete Pages
• Move Pages - By Drag & Drop in Thumbnails View.
• Insert / Import Pages (from existing PDF files)

Crop Pages / Files
• Flatten Annotations / Comments
• Insert Blank page
• Summarize Comments
• Export Comments
• Scan a PDF to the Direct (now! Just inline with the OCR option DURING scanning's process)
• the Create a PDF documents from text files is the RTF and
• the Convert 15 image formats to supported a PDF
• the Extended the Digital the Signature How it works Support (incl. Time The the Stamps)
• Security Profiles (for adding documents to conveniently)
• Improved Browser Plug-ins to reduce compatibility issues
• and much more ...

Year of release: 2019
Platform: Windows® 10/8 / 8.1 / XP / Vista / 7 32-64 bit
Interface language: Multilingual

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