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Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes - Live At The Greek (2000) (PBTHAL LP 24-96) [FLAC]

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2021-01-13 22:31:34
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2021-01-14 01:11:00
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Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes
Live At The Greek (2000)
PBTHAL Vinyl Rip
2013 WLP


The Black Crowes were dogged with comparisons to the Rolling Stones and the Faces throughout the first decade of their career, so it came as a mild surprise that they teamed with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page in late 1999 for a couple of concerts. Zeppelin had a mystique and majesty about them that the Crowes never attempted to emulate. They were an earthy, bluesy rock band and while they found a number of different ways to rework their influences, they never tried the stately grandeur that was Zeppelin's second nature. So, some observers were curious to see how these two approaches worked. Well, it worked very, very well indeed. It shouldn't have come as a surprise that it was a good, comfortable fit since Page always demonstrated a true love of blues and early rock & roll, even on Led Zep's heaviest moments. What may be a surprise, at least to listeners that always dismissed the Black Crowes as revivalist hacks, is how supple and muscular the band sounds on Live at the Greek and how powerful vocalist Chris Robinson is.

foobar2000 1.4.3 / Dynamic Range Meter 1.1.1
log date: 2021-01-11 06:16:50

Analyzed: Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes / Live At The Greek

DR     Peak     RMS   Duration Track

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DR10   -0.70 dB  -12.25 dB   3:43 01-Celebration Day
DR10   -2.08 dB  -12.77 dB   5:19 02-Custard Pie
DR9    -2.58 dB  -12.87 dB   4:36 03-Sick Again
DR10   -2.57 dB  -14.98 dB   5:23 04-What Is And What Should Never Be
DR10   -1.23 dB  -12.60 dB   4:24 05-Woke Up This Morning
DR9    -2.77 dB  -12.97 dB   3:10 06-Shape Of Things To Come
DR10   -2.58 dB  -13.33 dB   6:03 07-Sloppy Drunk
DR10   -2.55 dB  -14.79 dB   6:36 08-Ten Years Gone
DR10   -0.70 dB  -12.97 dB   9:35 09-In My Time Of Dying
DR9    -1.58 dB  -13.59 dB   6:02 10-Your Time Is Gonna Come
DR10   -1.17 dB  -12.12 dB   8:59 11-The Lemon Song
DR9    -1.48 dB  -12.91 dB   6:42 12-Nobody's Fault But Mine
DR9    -1.84 dB  -13.29 dB   5:51 13-Heartbreaker
DR9    -1.19 dB  -11.90 dB   3:35 14-Hey Hey What Can I Do
DR9    -1.18 dB  -11.05 dB   5:16 15-Mellow Down Easy
DR9    -0.88 dB  -12.42 dB   4:07 16-Oh Well
DR9    -1.43 dB  -11.80 dB   4:36 17-Shake Your Money Maker
DR10   -0.89 dB  -12.93 dB   8:29 18-You Shook Me
DR10   -0.70 dB  -11.81 dB   3:41 19-Out On The Tiles
DR9    -1.38 dB  -12.49 dB   5:36 20-Whole Lotta Love

Number of tracks: 20
Official DR value: DR9

Samplerate:    96000 Hz
Channels:     2
Bits per sample:  24
Bitrate:      3056 kbps
Codec:       FLAC

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