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YTD Video Downloader Pro (x32/x64)[Multi] [Portable]

Dodał: Krzysztof1955
Data dodania:
2021-08-03 07:26:33
Rozmiar: 11.08 MB
Ostat. aktualizacja:
2021-08-26 16:34:57
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YTD Video Downloader PRO is a simple and easy-to-use program that is designed to download and subsequently watch videos from popular video sharing services YouTube, Facebook, Google Video, Yahoo Video, etc. Also YTD Video Downloader PRO allows you to convert videos to various formats (for example MP3 , MP4, AVI, 3GP, MPEG), which can then be viewed on various mobile devices (iPod, iPhone, PSP and iTunes). There is the ability to play downloaded videos using the integrated player.

Popularity of YTD Downloader(YouTube Downloader) received for a simple motto, under which the developers created this miracle. The motto is simple - “Nothing more,” and fully characterizes the final product of Green Tree Applications. A program created for downloading video files from the Internet should not send the user messages about the weather in his city, changes in the status of friends in popular social networks, or the arrival of regular spam in the mailbox. Instead of all these useful, but not necessary functions for downloading video programs, YTD can convert to iPod, MP4, MP3, AVI, wmv and FLV formats. The ability to download videos includes HQ and HD videos.

To download, you must enter a link to the video you want to download and specify a folder to save the clip. The interface is simple and clear, all the functionality is at a glance. For example, to download a file from YouTube, just copy the link to it. (YTD) YouTube Downloader automatically recognizes such links and knows in advance what to do with them. What should be done with them? Of course, download and convert. It remains only to press the corresponding OK button to start the process, since YTD prefers not to stoop to the primitive amateur activity characteristic of some stupid software that claims to be "intellectual." You can download the video separately, or you can (why not waste time on something?) Download the entire playlist. The main thing is not to put the playlist on the download “accidentally”, so as not to search later,

Key features:
• Choose the optimal video quality during the download procedure.
• Add, if necessary, links to videos in the original source.
• Download any file you are interested in in its original quality - that is, in the quality in which the video was originally uploaded to YouTube.
• It is possible to view icons for YouTube videos in the program.
• User can download artist playlists.
• You can upload video files with limited YouTube access through the most common browsers today: Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome.
• The program has a simple, convenient and intuitive user interface.


Windows 2000/XP/Vista/?/10

– Download & Install
– Use patcher for activation
Done. Enjoy!

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